Bostonia is a concept that pays homage to all things Boston including the historical architecture that defines and beautifies our city. We are fortunate to have acquired a space that fits our concept and mission. We are ideally situated in The Board of Trade Building, built 1902 by architects Winslow and Bigelow.

At the end of the 19th Century their firm was considered the largest architectural firm in Boston. Their firm produced a great number of residential, commercial, and public buildings in a wide range of styles. The vast majority were in Boston, with a smaller number (mostly residences) in immediately adjacent communities. Among the most prominent of these projects were several mill buildings at the Baker Chocolate Factory in Dorchester (1880s-1890s); the Shreve, Crump & Low Building on Tremont Street (1890); the Edison building on Atlantic Avenue (1892); the Castle Square Hotel and Theatre on Tremont Street (1894), the Hotel Touraine (1897), and additions to the United States Hotel (1894) and the Parker House Hotel (1895); the M. Steinert & Sons Building and Hall on Boylston Street (1896); the Proctor Building at Bedford and Kingston streets (1896-97); the S.S. Pierce Building at Coolidge Corner in Brookline (1898-99); and the Jewelers’ Building on Washington and Bromfield streets (1898; addition in 1902-05).