They have doughnuts… and vino on TAP… But I will say more

I walked into the new trendy spot on State Street (where the old Kitty O’Sheas used to cause a ruckus) and was completely taken aback. In a good way. The ambiance and décor were open, warm, and welcoming. The staff greeted me with big smiles as soon as I entered the door. I opted to sit at the two-seater offered at the bar and was joined by one of my besties. It was just then, that the experience at Bostonia Public House reallybegan.

Bostonia Bonanza  Offering 48 premium wines by the glass (served on tap, I might add), a diverse selection of micro-brews, and list of classic cocktails with a unique twist will surely leave one with plenty of options. My only issue was deciding on where to start! After a nice conversation with my bartender, Billy Cox, I explained to him that I was in the mood for a Marlborough, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, yet tired of the same old options. He then asked me to give the Russian River Valley Sauv B they had to offer a whirl to try to expand my more-than-bored palette. I agreed, and was not at all disappointed. I don’t know about you, but I love taking recommendations from a bartender whoactually knows what he/she is talking about. Anywho, let’s move on to the next course, the food.

The menu was put together well to cater to someone in the mood for snacks, apps, soups, salads, or a full-out entrée in a rustic sort-of-manner. I liked it, and the way they mixed their spread reminded me of one of my favorite restaurants on the South Shore. There is a wide variety of food to choose from here, so I sampled my way around. My friend had started with the Braised brisket caramelized onion soup, and I started with the Tater Top Poutine. I had never heard of it before, and well, if you don’t love tater tots, then we simply cannot be friends. This is a must-try. I will not give away all of the delicious details, but I will digress and fill you in on a few other must-have items when visiting Boston Public House.

Because it was mid-afternoon, we had to do the old change-over with our Bartender, so Bostonia Bonanza1we bid adieu to David, and said hello to Chris. This kid had me in stitches from the time he got back there so we kept the tasting going. In my opinion, the bartender can either make or break your experience in a restaurant; Two-Thumbs-up for Chris.

Working my way down the menu, I next sampled the Tuna Crudo. I am a huge fan of tuna, and this item did not disappoint, either. The proportions of tuna-to-avocado-to-cucumber, cilantro, and well, you get the idea, was just insatiable. I would get that time and time again. No lie.

Shame on me, I skipped the salad and entrée portion, but that means two things: I have to go back (shucks) and I only skipped over them to try the Steamed Local Mussels because they caught my eye. Growing up on the South Shore, I am the one to shuck the mussels, let them marinate in the broth, and then attack the bowl; and that’s exactly what I did. The ingredients complimented each other so nicely, that I ate the whole portion myself. Okay, maybe I shared one.

So completely beyond full at this point, but Chris lies out the dessert menBostonia Bonanza2u and tells us how delicious their Espresso Martinis and the DOUGHNUTS are, we had to try the doughnuts! SERIOUSLY? FINE. So, we ordered two espresso martinis that were, by far, the best espresso martinis I have had to-date. Yes of course, we ordered the doughnuts; but in case Chris was crazy, we also ordered the “Bostonia” cream pie, and the Maple & brown sugar apple crisp. Turns out, Chris isn’t so crazy after all. He is genius. So genius that he and his co-worker were more than deserving of one of our doughnuts, so we cheered them on as they took them back during an insane rush-hour on a random Tuesday night. The doughnuts were off the charts! Not to knock the other to equally delicious desserts, but I would have never thought to order those. Well done all around.

To sum it up, Bostonia Public House is perfect for date night, game night, or an after-work drink: Trendy, chic, friendly, and fun. Not to mention, the restaurant includes bars on two floors, event spaces, and private rooms with soft seating, perfect for all occasions!