Best New Boston Eatery: Bostonia Public House


I am one of those people that believes that we stumble upon people and places 
for a reason, at a very specific time, also for a precise reason.
When Susan and I were considering where to find a great brunch, we were not able to settle on a place that encompassed everything we were after 
(I know, but brunch is the most important meal of the weekend.)
While I was showering Susan perused several foodie websites and said the magic words “How about Bostonia Public House?” The name brought to mind all of the wonderful things I heard about 
the place and well, you know my love of anything Boston-centric.



Our fate sealed, we set off with impossibly high hopes and upon entering for the first time I was astounded. The venue, a former dive bar (and that is being generous) was elegantly decorated while still managing to remain relaxed and most welcoming.
Speaking of, we were warmly greeted and ushered to a booth where we both looked around taking in each detail. From the beautifully tufted chairs with a small handle in the back (all the easier for the men to pull out their ladies chairs) to the curious contraption behind the bar that we will later get to.


Settling right into Bloody Mary’s with cheese stuffed olives, we allowed one of the most knowledgable servers we had ever met named Dominic provide recommendations along with a bit of background.
We began with the Sesame Glazed Chicken Wings and while I selected the Lobster Roll (with avocado, yuzu creme and bacon crumbs on a brioche roll), Susan chose the BPH Burger, both with Salt and Pepper fries.
Dominic recommended that I eat half of my lobster roll before digging into my fries, because by that time they would have cooled to the perfect temperature. He happened to be right and each bite was a dream.


Taking a look at the menu, the cuisine was a mix of what I would later learn to be 
“refined rustic” dishes. Comforting, locally inspired and quite creative.


Each dish was artfully arranged, yet not obnoxiously so and our 
moods seemingly lifted with each bite we took and detail gleaned.
The music, a compilation of ragtime covers of contemporary music, we learned was a 
specific Pandora station created and run by one of John Fitzgerald’s (the owner) friends.


The artfully antique decor was done by none other than the Boston based Taniya Nayak, 
a design expert member on both HGTV and The Food Network. 

I noted these curious contraptions behind the bar and learned that what appears to be “wine on tap” was the most innovative manner in which to store bottles of wine. The WineStation.
It’s cooling system stores it at the perfect temperature while the argon gas sealed in the bottle prevents oxidation (meaning the wine tastes exactly the same on day one as it will on day 60.)

Chef’s Table


We were offered a tour by Assistant General Manager Adam and learned of the patio which will be 
opening in about a months time, while also viewing the closed to the public top floor. 


Live music plays Wednesday through Saturday night while guests are looked after by a full staff of security.
It seems Bostonia Public is a sort of modern day meeting place for those seeking an 
artful post-work meal, unique event space or some time out with friends.  
Most definitely the place to bring if you would like to impress your date.
One last bit. It is not often that I rave in such depth about any place, yet in viewing each 
detail of Bostonia Public I was able to see the vision and hope of John Fitzgerald.


His quest to create the ultimate approachable upscale venue has been achieved and yet, 
the last thing he does each night? He reads every single note left by patrons of his creation. 
Bostonia Public is made up of people wholly invested in it from management to the food and beverage specialists. The excitement is palpable as something truly special has been created. 
n.b. I was not compensated for this review nor did I receive a complimentary meal.
These are merely my completely unbiased opinions.