Bostonia: A Tribute to History In a Boston Landmark Building

Bostonia is a concept that pays homage to all things Boston including the historical architecture that defines and beautifies our city. We are fortunate to have acquired a space that fits our concept and mission. We are ideally situated in The Board of Trade Building, built 1902 by architects Winslow and Bigelow. At the end [...]

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Bostonia: Boston City Seal

Boston, first incorporated as a town in 1630, and as a city in 1822, is one of America's oldest cities, with a rich economic and social history. What began as a homesteading community eventually evolved into a center for social and political change. Boston has since become the economic and cultural hub of New England. [...]

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Taniya Nayak : Bostonia Designer

Known for her sunny smile and sharp eye, Taniya Nayak’s approachable take on interior design has won over everyone from rock stars to first time homebuyers. Taniya’s knack for bringing rich textures and unexpected finishes together with practical, real-life functionality has made her a go-to expert for decorating programs on major networks including HGTV and [...]

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Chef Ketchum Joins Bostonia Team

Kyle Ketchum is an accomplished, worldly and award-winning chef with a diverse spectrum of talents and experience. Chef Ketchum holds dual Associate Degree’s in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management from Le Cordon Bleu where he also serves as an instructor sharing his passion with next generations of chefs and culinary professionals. Chef Ketchum’s mastery of [...]

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