This week I tried the recently opened Bostonia Public House in the financial district, in the old Kitty O’Shea’s  location. I went in with the bf on  a Thursday night and the place was packed; it definitely seemed like a popular after work hangout. Between the crowds and live music we almost left because of the noise, but I’d checked out the menu in advance online and there were a few dishes I really wanted to try.


We started with a couple of appetizers – the lump crab cocktail with shaved fennel, grapefruit, and citron hollandaise and the tater tot poutine.The crab cocktail was a great combination of flavors; I’ve seen scallops and grapefruit plenty of times but never crab. The two worked really well together. The tater tots were a creative interpretation of poutine, which seems to be a growing trend in Boston. My favorite was the bottom layer where the potatoes started to fall apart and had a hash brown like consistency.


We each ordered the lobster roll, and agreed the lobster salad didn’t even need the bun. I loved the yuzu cream, avocado, and bacon crumbs in place of traditional mayo. The fries that came on the side were also excellent, they were seasoned with both salt and pepper which gave them a hint of spice.

For dessert we shared an order of berkshire bourbon glazed sweet potato doughnuts. These were warm and soft with a slightly gooey center – definitely a toss up with the lobster roll for my favorite dish.


I really enjoyed the food at Bostonia Public House, and appreciated the creative interpretation of comfort classics. The noise was a bit too much for me, so if I went back I’d try to find a time when it’s less busy.